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In 1984 we started as a family run minibus hire company in The Netherlands. From there we evolved into a extraordinary car rental company in The UK, offering unique American Cop Cars for your special occasion ! Our years of experience in providing service for special events ensures the best possible performance to you. We pride ourselves in a high quality standard and total dedication to a perfect performance. We can truly say that we are proud of the LAPD.

The founder and owner of the Leicester American Police Department, Rupin, has always been fascinated by the special attraction people feel toward the flashing blue & red lights and loud sirens of a real American Police Car. For many of us it was a childhood dream.Now you can turn that dream into reality for one or more days, thanks to the beautiful cop cars of the LAPD. And let's be fair, don't we all still have a bit of a child inside ?!

So for those of you that like something different, with a huge WOW factor, the LAPD offers you everything you desire. You can be sure that our cars and service provide the WOW factor you are seeking for your special event. Whether during the day or in the evening, you can be confident that those blue & red flashing lights and sirens will make everyone pay attention to your arrival our your product. And all of that in a positive and cheerfull atmosphere, with no fear of being sent to jail for bad behavior...
or should we say for being far to happy!!!

We have chosen American Police Cars because we want to avoid misunderstandings at all costs. We respect the great work of the man and woman of Law Enforcement and don't want to interfere their work in any way. By re-enactment of the USA Police, with all the differences in uniform and vehicle appearance, we want to rule out any possibility of being mistaken for real police-officers.

Important information :

Always make sure when you book your car with any Operator, that they are Fully Private Hire Licensed,
many are NOT and that can turn out into a big disappointment on Your Big Day.

Private Hire Operators License
We are a Licensed Private Hire Operator

Private Hire Vehicle License
All Private Hire Vehicles need to be Licensed by local Council as a Private Hire Vehicle and undergo twice a year a full vehicle
inspection by an independent vehicle inspector

Private Hire Driver License
The Driver needs to pass a DSA Driving Standards Test and show that he/she is of a Good nature and safe to work within
the private hire and public sector

All our Drivers are DBS Checked
( Before it used to be called CRB Check )

Private Hire Licensed for ALL Private Hire work and we have the correct Private Hire insurance in force for your Safety and Comfort!

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