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Mercury Grand Marquis

The Mercury Grand Marquis of the Leicester American Police Department is a niche under the USA Police cars. Luxurious but still very much up for the job. The MGM we have is in the specific blue and white colors and decals of the New York PD. The Federal Signal Vision SLR lightbar is also specific for New York police cars. Inside you can find the luxury that most cops in other cars had to lack, which makes it a perfect car for weddings and high valued customers. 

The Grand Marquis is a nephew of the Ford Crown Victoria and they both share the same building platform. Although it was used by several police departments throughout the USA and Canada, Mercury never developed a specific police-package like Ford did for the Crown Victoria. Despite the lack of this special package, the MGM is very well capable of doing police-work. It has a strong V8 engine that delivers sufficient power and is a rear wheel drive, which helps against spin outs during hard maneuvers. 
In 2011 Mercury, a Ford daughter, stopped producing the Grand Marquis after 37 years and producing nearly 2.700.000 Grand Marquis. Just as with the Ford Crown Victoria, police departments that previously used the Grand Marquis and the Crown Vic are now offered  a variety of special police lines by Ford, Chrysler and Chevrolet.

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