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Ford Crown Victoria

The Ford Crown Victoria of the Leicester American Police Department is a perfect example of the sturdy and impressive USA Police car. The push-bar on the front gives it the distinctive look of the police cruisers as we know it from the movies and series. The Crown Vic is fully equipped with a wide range of lights and loud American sirens.
Crown Vic

The Ford Motor Company held a near-monopoly with the Crown Victoria on the market for police cruisers in the United States and Canada for over a decade, because the conventional rear-wheel drive, V8 power, and body-on-frame construction are advantageous for police use. Rear-wheel drive made the car easier to avoid spin-outs during hard maneuvers than front drive rivals, and allowed it to better withstand rough driving over curbs and other obstacles in the urban environment.
Crown Vic
The Crown Victoria Police Interceptor is rated for 186.5 kW (254 PS; 250 hp) mostly due to the addition of a new better flowing air intake system. The Crown Victoria shared the Ford Panther platform and major powertrain and suspension components with the Lincoln Town Car and Mercury Grand Marquis. Along with its rebadged Mercury and Lincoln variants, the Crown Victoria was the final full-frame rear-wheel-drive passenger sedan produced in North America. The durability associated with its layout popularized the use of the Crown Victoria with taxicab and fleet owners going on to become one of the most commonly used police patrol/pursuit vehicles in North America.

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