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Your brand or company deserves the most attention it can get. And that is exactly what we can achieve for you, a positive and trustworthy radiance.When you have a promotional day for your company or (one of) it's products, you sure want consumers to notice. That's the moment you better give us a call. Our head-turning police vehicles with their lights and sirens will get you the attention you seek. Attention that puts a smile on peoples faces, but in the mean time gives a feel of security and trustworthiness.
Or maybe you have that great colleague that has his jubilee with your company. Off-course you want to celebrate his efforts and achievements for the company, so you want something special. Well, that is exactly what we can provide. How about an 'arrest' at home by USA cops (obviously with donuts), after which the 'criminally good' colleague will be brought to the office in a genuine USA police car?  Not only will it provide a enjoyable experience to you and your fellow workers, but it will also draw more attention to your company.
As you can see, the possibilities are plenty and we are pretty sure that you now start thinking of some scripts of your own. Our professional team is always on stand-by to help you make your company stand out.
Please contact us to discuss your ideas and wishes without any obligations.

Disclaimer :
All of our activities will be executed within the boundaries of the law. This means that lights and sirens will be only used on private property with consent of the owner or on public roads after written dispensation is provided from the jurisdictional police department. In no way or form will the LAPD perform actions that will bring risk to the general public.

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