Special Cars for Special Days

Private events

No matter what your special event is, with our unique police cars and cops you will surely get the attention drawn to you and your special occasion. Our professional drivers, in full uniform of course, will make sure you have a save and enjoyable ride.

We are totally dedicated to make a smashing success of your :

Hen or Stag night



Special occasion
These are just examples of possibility's. Our experienced team is at your service to help you make your specific wishes into reality. We can also provide additional shows, re-enactment and entertainment.

Please contact us to discuss your wishes without any obligations.  

Just like the American Police, we like to Protect and Serve you in the best possible way.

Disclaimer :
All of our activities will be executed within the boundaries of the law. This means that lights and sirens will be only used on private property with consent of the owner or on public roads after written dispensation is provided from the jurisdictional police department. In no way or form will the LAPD perform actions that will bring risk to the general public.